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Loving Earnestly Through Hospitality

It is easy for our motives to become less about making our guests welcome and more about presenting our homes and families better than how we really live. Biblical hospitality offers a more strategic opportunity. . .

It’s Not Easy But It’s Simple: Trusting God by Going Global

In many ways, my Small Group members were as much a part of this trip as I was. As I pressed on in faith, they prayed with me, encouraged me, and helped generously support me. The Lord had prepared me. He had also surrounded me with people who loved me and were praying for me—including my Small Group family.

Feel Guilty About Missing Small Group Gatherings? Remember These 3 Truths

While growing up in church, perfect attendance was often lauded as the pinnacle of Sunday School or Awana participation. Sure, these are my childhood thoughts towards attaining an award. But these yearly moments trained me. They trained me to feel guilt when I had to miss gatherings of different sorts. More recently, I have also had these thoughts and feelings about missing Small Group gatherings.

6 Bad Reasons to Join a Small Group

We could think that involvement in a Small Group absolves us of our responsibility to fully engage on Sunday mornings. That won’t work. Sunday mornings are the primary place where God’s people gather and worship, and Small Groups allow us to dig deeper into how to apply those truths into our real lives.

How Do I Make Plans for My Small Group in the New Year?

While plans are good and necessary, it is God who ultimately directs your steps. Whatever your hesitations are associated with the new year, have you asked what God’s plans are for your Small Group? Here are a few suggestions to help frame your mind as you enter a new decade.


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4 Ways to Pray for your Small Group When You’re Busy

How many times have we heard a fellow member share a prayer request update and realized that we completely neglected to pray for them during the intervening week between Small Group gatherings? These four methods can help with upping our prayer priority for those in our group—even in the midst of our full schedules.

How I Learned to Pray for the Leaders I Coach…Through Texting

Texts and emails have become the main method of communication and prayerful encouragement with my leaders. Whenever I am thinking about the leaders that God has given me to serve, I can quickly send an encouraging text or verse them. This has been a key way to stay intentional and connected.

Using My Gifts as a Co-Leader and Wife

Serving alongside my husband as a Small Group Co-Leader hasn’t always been easy or something I naturally fell into. But God has been using this role as Co-Leader to teach me more about myself and how he created me–particularly in these two roles of wife and Small Group Co-Leader.

2 Ways to Invite People to the Christmas Concert

The Christmas Concert is one of the biggest weekends of the year at College Park Church. In 2018, over 7,400 people came to experience our church: music, cookies, and people! And many of them were able to start or build on relationships because of that weekend. Here are two ways you can invite others to the Christmas Concert this year.

Caring for your Small Group like Family

Using care to shepherd your Small Group creates a loving platform beyond what we could provide alone as leaders. God is glorified as his Spirit moves within the group to care in ways we cannot.

How to Reset Your Small Group

When my Small Group is experiencing lethargy because of non-committal members, what do I do? Do I ignore them, confront them, or just shut down the entire group? Here is one proposal for how to reset your group.

Why I Love My Small Group: Authentic & Genuine

At our first meeting together our Small Group Leader asked us to give our testimony and offered to go first. He went on to share very personal life circumstances that led him to Jesus, and I remember thinking, “Dude, we just met. Your living room is full of strangers. Why are you telling us this?” His vulnerability and willingness to step out in faith set the tone for our Small Group for years to come.

4 Reasons Why Singles Need a Marriage Series

Small Groups are a place for married couples to find hope together. During our sermon series entitled The Marriage Mystery, a few contributors have been asked to share tools for Small Groups to help one another in their marriage or singleness.

Date Night Changed Our Marriage

Small Groups are a place for married couples to find hope together. During our sermon series entitled The Marriage Mystery, a few contributors have been asked to share tools for Small Groups to help one another in their marriage or singleness.

4 Ways to Deal with Transition as a Couple

We’d lived in East Asia for seven years. It was home. Our apartment was our house. Our church was our family. Our neighbors were our mission field. And then, we received some really, really bad news. In light of this news, we were told that if we ever wanted to work in the country again, we should leave immediately.

Why My Small Group Feels Like Fellowship

When I look at the early church and its people, one simple word comes to mind: fellowship. But it’s through my Small Group that I’ve come to realize what this feels like.

4 Tools for Real Fellowship

In a previous post, we uncovered what real fellowship looks like. But what are a few easy tools that we can use in the group to bring about this real fellowship?

How Can Your Small Group Affect the Nations?

It’s remarkable that your Small Group can actually affect the nations! In a lot more ways than it could have, say, one hundred years ago.

But first, why affect the nations? God’s plan from the beginning of His choosing Abraham was to bless all nations through him…

Helping Others Through Discouragement

Every one of us gets discouraged from time to time. Some of us get discouraged often… How can we help each other fight discouragement as brothers and sisters in Christ?

Living in and Serving the Urban Community of Brookside

Anxious, uncertain, waiting: all of us have been there, but fortunately we have a God who meets us and provides every time. I didn’t expect God would provide for me by calling me to serve at a place that was once coined the attractive name “the swamp.”

6 Takeaways from TGC19

The Gospel Coalition held their 2019 conference here in Indianapolis, and it was a privilege to attend.  Below are my 6 takeaways from the conference

How Do I Help My Group Grow In Evangelism?

I’m better at evangelism than I was in college. But it’s still really hard. And I’d guess it’s hard for you and the members of your Small Group as well. So, how can we help our groups—and ourselves—grow in giving the gospel to our dying world?

4 Texts That Could Level Up Your Relationships

Our phones can be one of the best ways to connect with the people that we care about. Below are four types of text messages that you could send to others in your group to build your relationships outside of the regular gathering time.

Member Covenant

Our Member Covenant explains what we live together at College Park Church, and every member agrees to live it out as a part of our church family.

63 Digging Deeper Questions

We all want to know those in our Small Group better. Here are sixty-three questions that we can ask to “dig deeper” into the lives of our fellow group members. The higher the number, the deeper the question.

3 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Small Group Member

People are messy; community is messy. Community within a Small Group is a beautiful place to find hope with other believers, but it can also be a difficult place to enter with the fear of being known by others. These are three personal takeaways that I have learned from being a member in a Small Group and how it has benefited my own walk with God.

What Does “Living Life Together” Really Mean?

“Living Life Together” is one of the three essentials of College Park Small Groups, and it represents the practical ways that we should experience true community in our Small Groups. Let’s explore what this essential doesn’t mean before looking at what it means.

How Do I Welcome a Newbie?

Opening up your group to new people can feel scary, but it takes a lot of courage to join a new group. The new person is probably more nervous than you are! Here are a few tips for a smooth transition.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Bail On Your Small Group

We’ve all committed to things that we shortly after wish we hadn’t. Sometimes we have good reasons, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes leaders can feel the pull to bail on their group. How do you know when your impulse to bail is really a good idea? Three questions will help you decide.

What Should My Small Group Do With Kids?

Children are a blessing from the Lord. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do with them when Small Group night rolls around. There is not one golden solution for how to take care of kids during your Small Group gathering, but there are a number of options that you can consider for your group.

Setting Clear Expectations with a Covenant

“Why is it that this person just doesn’t show up?” As leaders, it’s discouraging when men and women don’t show up. How can we remedy this? Part of the answer is by setting clear expectations for your group and following through with them.