4 Tools for Real Fellowship

In a previous post, we uncovered what real fellowship looks like. But what are a few easy tools that we can use in the group to bring about this real fellowship?

1. Member Covenant

Most everyone in your group is a church member, or should be (here’s where to start if not). Consider talking through the Member Covenant together as a reminder of what we’ve all committed to do for each other.

2. Pens and Paper

When you ask a question, give everyone a minute to write down their thoughts. Then have everyone share. If it’s expected, everyone will participate, and everyone will benefit from it.

3. Prayer

Consider praying together before anything else. Specifically ask people:

  • What they want to give thanks for
  • Whose salvation they’d like to ask God for
  • What commandments of God they need help to obey
  • And what they need

Use those pens and paper and have everyone talk and pray.

4. Discussion Guide

The discussion guide from the sermon. Ephesians 4 says that God puts elders in the church to equip us from the Bible to fellowship. Use questions that have more than one answer from the discussion guide.

If you need some general footing: here are three questions you can use for every sermon:
1. What did you hear connected to Jesus in this sermon?
2. What promises of God encouraged you in this sermon?
3. What commands were represented that you need God’s help to obey?

Friends, we have the Holy Spirit, the sovereign God himself. And he delights to produce unified worship among his people. Let’s have fellowship like he tells us to.

Derek Joseph

Derek Joseph

Derek served on staff with Cru for ten years and is a member of College Park Church.


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