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Did You Miss ‘Conflict’?

During our recent Coach Equip Night on Tuesday September 3, we featured the topic: “Conflict.”
We spent time covering eight principles for handling conflict—for ourselves, our groups, and assisting our leaders.

4 Tools for Real Fellowship

In a previous post, we uncovered what real fellowship looks like. But what are a few easy tools that we can use in the group to bring about this real fellowship?

Helping Others Through Discouragement

Every one of us gets discouraged from time to time. Some of us get discouraged often… How can we help each other fight discouragement as brothers and sisters in Christ?

How Do I Help My Group Grow In Evangelism?

I’m better at evangelism than I was in college. But it’s still really hard. And I’d guess it’s hard for you and the members of your Small Group as well. So, how can we help our groups—and ourselves—grow in giving the gospel to our dying world?

How Levels of Care Change the Game

Some people may have the vision of Small Group to simply meet every two weeks and not actually find out what’s going on in each other’s lives beyond the gathering. But that’s not a biblical approach. The body of believers in the New Testament church were active in coming alongside and speaking the truth in love to one another, and we are to be no different.

How Do I Welcome a Newbie?

Opening up your group to new people can feel scary, but it takes a lot of courage to join a new group. The new person is probably more nervous than you are! Here are a few tips for a smooth transition.

3 Questions to Ask Before You Bail On Your Small Group

We’ve all committed to things that we shortly after wish we hadn’t. Sometimes we have good reasons, and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes leaders can feel the pull to bail on their group. How do you know when your impulse to bail is really a good idea? Three questions will help you decide.

What Should My Small Group Do With Kids?

Children are a blessing from the Lord. But sometimes it can be difficult to know what to do with them when Small Group night rolls around. There is not one golden solution for how to take care of kids during your Small Group gathering, but there are a number of options that you can consider for your group.

Setting Clear Expectations with a Covenant

“Why is it that this person just doesn’t show up?” As leaders, it’s discouraging when men and women don’t show up. How can we remedy this? Part of the answer is by setting clear expectations for your group and following through with them.